17 de octubre de 2011

Agiles 2011: Greatest Hits

Algunas frases, conceptos y referencias que me impactaron durante la conferencia Agiles 2011:
  • Jeff Patton - Product Discovery with User Story Mapping
  • Robert Gallen
    • Practices of a Great Scrum Product Owner
      • Product Backlog is organic: it needs care and feeding
      • It usual to groom your Product Backlog twice a week
      • Product Backlog should include: 20% of well defined fine grained items, 30% of epics and 50% of vague themes. Different grooming should be done for each type.
      • It's usefull to manage multiples threads for the different kinds of items in a Produt Backlog: features, technical, quality, release, innovation, security, refactoring, etc.
      • The Sprint Goal is important since it gives the team the guidance to make its own decisiones and adjustments.
    •  Agile Testing - Beyond the Easy Contexts
      • Infraestructure is a fundamental part of your agile journey
      • Reward on a team base and not on an individual base
  • Mike Beedle - El Futuro de Agile y Lean
    • 80% de las empresas escandinavas son Agile y/o Lean
    • A 10 años del Manifesto Agile, Mike Beedle participo en un workshop donde definieron como mejorar el estado actual del agilismo:
      1. Pedir excelencia técnica
      2. Promover el cambio cultural
      3. Maximizar el valor para el negocio
      4. Organizar el conocimiento
  • Michael DePaoli - Optimizing Organizational / Team Collaboration & Transparency Even With Distributed Teams
    • Example from Mary Poppendieck: "In large building construction, project manager role for dealing with complex emergent problems is all about making the right skileed people to comunicate together"
    • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) - Elias Porter

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